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Mar 20th, 2018

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Current Programmes


The current focus of Arrowsmith Search and Rescue's fund raising efforts is to replace our aging 1997 Equipment Truck.  This vehicle must respond to each and every search or rescue task as it carries 90% of our specialized search and rescue gear, as well as our First Aid and Evacuation Equipment.  Often this vehicle is required to drive off-road and into very technical terrain; consequently we need to purchase a truck chassis with off road (4WD) capability.  We have purchased a used equipment enclosure from another SAR group at reasonable cost.  It will be modified as required to fit to the chassis of the new vehicle.  The budget for the total project is projected to be approximately $66,000.  Fund raising is well underway and we hope to have all the funding in place by year's end.


Once we have completed the fund raising for our new Equipment Truck we will turn our attention to the construction of an addition to our Search Hall.  We hope to add a garage section to house our Equipment Truck as well as have space for future vehicles and expansion, in order to meet the needs of the ever growing population of the Oceanside area.


The members of Arrowsmith Search and Rescue constantly train and practice to maintain their readiness to perform our search and rescue services.  First Aid, Rope Rescue, Water and Ice Rescue, Tracking, Ground Search techniques, and Critical Incident Stress are a few of the training topics for our members.  To best serve our communities we keep up to date with the latest equipment necessary for modern search and rescue tasks.  The purchase and upgrading of our rescue equipment is ongoing as well.  Also, much of our rescue equipment must be replaced on an ongoing basis as it reaches the end of its manufacturer's specified safe service life.

Keep checking here for updates and pictures as we progress with these vehicles.

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