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Mar 20th, 2018

100% Volunteer Rope Rescue

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Special Resource Persons

Special Resource Persons offer their special skills or resources to be used by Arrowsmith Search & Rescue on searches or at rescues. Anyone that is willing to offer their special skills or equipment to be used on searches, can be added to the Special Resource Persons contact list.

Special resource persons could be:

  • ATV owners or club members
  • horse owners or club members
  • snowmobile owners or club members
  • other

To become a Special Resource Person:

  1. Contact the Training Officer and fill out a basic information sheet with your name, phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address. You will also have to quickly note what special skills or equipment you have to offer Arrowsmith Search & Rescue. Click Here for basic information sheet

You will be contacted and have to supply further information and details on what it is you can offer Arrowsmith Search & Rescue. You will be given details on what reimbursements you may be entitled to if your equipment is used on a real search or rescue.

You will only be called to assist if it is requested by a search manager. As our Special Resource Persons will only be working under the direct supervision of a search manager, so you are not required to complete a Criminal Record Check at this time.

Special Resource Persons always have the option of continuing on and becoming Support Members or Ground Search & Rescue Team Members.

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